About Us

The Calon Group provides riding and equestrian vaulting opportunities to children and adults with physical disabilities, additional learning needs and mental health conditions.

We are a member group of the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) but are a charity in our own right – Charity no. 1177265. At present we have no permanent base and use two venues to run vaulting (gymnastics on horseback)  and riding sessions. We would like to develop a permanent base in the Corwen area as all of the other groups in the region are spread out around the edges of North Wales.

Calon RDA was created in February 2018, by a group of like minded volunteers who felt that there was a need for RDA sessions in the middle of North Wales where no other group operated. We started offering vaulting taster sessions to assess how many groups of people would like weekly sessions and we also connected with independent participants who wanted to be part of RDA but didn’t already have an RDA group.

In October 2019, we began weekly sessions on Tuesday and Sundays’ in two different locations. After buying teo larger horses in December 2019 we aim to expand our sessions allowing more people to ride and vault with us.

Our long term aim is to build an indoor arena in the Corwen area of Denbighshire (where there are no other indoor arenas) as Corwen is central to the areas we work in.