Registered Name: Clononey Loretta

Height: 15.3 hands

Breed: Shire X TB

Age: 12 years old

Activities: Riding, Vaulting – in training

Owner: Calon RDA

‘Lettie is one of the most people – loving horses I’ve worked with, as soon as you ride her or spend time with her you will fall for this lovely mare!’

Alys Lewis-Jones

Horse Bio:

Lettie was bought by Calon in December 2019, after searching for a bigger horse for our group to take taller participants than could fit on Ringo for riding sessions, and one that could be trained for vaulting and/or show jumping.

Lettie came from a family in Doncaster, who bought her as a youngster when she came over from Ireland. They were sad to let her go but they kept Lettie’s foal, Bambi, and were pleased to sell Lettie to RDA, as they thought her kind nature and temperament with people suited her to our work perfectly.

Lettie is a lovely mare to work with as she genuinely loves people, especially children, and will happily stand still whilst being groomed and having her long mane plaited. She looks beautiful with her mane down but generally we keep it plaited to protect it and stop it from tangling!

Lettie really enjoys hacking out and being in the lead of the hack and she has a very comfortable stride – we think she’ll get great marks in walk dressage tests as she’s definitely not a plod!

She also likes show jumping, and is a quick learner when we’ve done ground work with her to start to learn some dressage moves.

We’ve also been lunging her and started her vaulting training and we think she will take to vaulting too, and love working with young vaulters especially – as she always looks after children when they ride her. Her previous owner keeps in touch with us and it’s clear from working with Lettie that she’s been lucky to have had a loving home and a variety of work, going out to venues for ridden classes and jumping.

We think Lettie will win the hearts of our participants who will ride her once the covid19 lockdown is over and lessons resume. At the moment she is enjoying training with us and being out in the sunshine sharing a field with Sheri or Ruaridh – but she is always first over to the gate upon hearing us arrive, waiting to be brought in and spend time with us.

She loves soaked grass nuts, carrots and apples as well as being adored by her fans at the livery yard and the only thing we’ve found she doesn’t like is sharing a pile of hay in the field with any of the other horses she’s definitely the boss of the herd when food is around! However she does like having the other horses around and is often standing shoulder to shoulder with her field mates.

We can’t wait for RDA sessions to start up again and for Lettie to meet our participants!