Registered Name: Bychan Queenie

Height: 36 inches

Breed: Shetland

Age: 7 years old

Activities: Horse Care

Owner: Claire Howe

Horse Bio:

Luna is both the smallest and the youngest of the Calon horses but probably has the biggest attitude after all she is a Shetland. She was brought in the spring of 2015 as a companion pony from the late Sue Beasley at the Bychan Stud in Trawsfynydd.

She enjoys being groomed and is great to lead. Although sometimes she does decide she doesn’t want to be caught by an adult but will always let a child catch her.

Due to her small size and loveable attitude she is great for horse care and in hand work. Especially if anyone feels intimidate by a big horses as she is much shorter than a Great Dane!