Height: 15 hands

Breed: Irish Cob

Age: 12 years old

Activities: Riding, Vaulting, Driving

Owner: Lewis-Jones family

Ringo is like me, likes getting in to mischief, loves being mucky but looks good for competitions.

Jodie Roberts

Bio: written by his owner Alys


Ringo was bought as a 5 year old from a family in Lancashire, where he had been in a ‘pair’ carriage driving with another horse called Ned who looked very similar to Ringo, and had also been backed to ride.

He was bought by the Lewis-Jones family especially for RDA, and after an initial training period he then went on loan to RDA and spent a number of years at the Clwyd Special Riding Centre as a driving and riding cob. Naturally inquisitive and friendly, Ringo was often popular with participants on RDA holidays, and also as a driving cob on Monday afternoons.

In 2017 he came home to spend more time with the Lewis-Jones family and had a year and a half off from RDA where he enjoyed hacking out with his horse buddies along lanes and fields in Snowdonia.

In 2019 he came back into RDA, spending a few weeks with North Wales Dressage Rep, Sara Jones Williams, who spent time working on his dressage and show jumping in order to get him ready for the show jumping and dressage North Wales Qualifiers. Ringo and Jodie came 2nd in their dressage class and qualified for Hartpury, but sadly Ringo sustained an injury in the field and had to time off work so he didn’t make it to Hartpury 2019.

After his injury Ringo has been coming back into work riding and show jumping- and more recently been trained as a RDA vaulting cob- attending the N  Wales Vaulting weekend at CSRC in early March.

Ringo Vaulting at the March Weekend 2020

Ringo likes playing in the field with his best friend, Cyrus, and especially enjoys rolling in mud with no rug on! He is very skilled at getting mud all over his face and even on his eyelids. 

Ringo the MudMonster!

He was born on 1st May 2007 and was a ‘blue and white’ skewbald when born.  He soon lost his blue and dapple markings and he looks like a Grey cob these days, except when wet and his pink and black skin markings can be clearly seen.

Ringo has two gears, the first being his ‘economical’ gear where he is content to do as little as possible and stops very easily. He also has a ‘trickle trot’ which is great for riders learning how to trot.
However when Ringo is out on a new hack, or show jumping with other horses, he also has a ‘go fast’ gear and really enjoys the adrenaline rush!

Ringo with a lick.

Ringo is very nosy and enjoys looking through pockets, rooting through glove compartments in Landrovers and tractors –  and he loves getting on a horse trailer and going to sessions. Salt licks, treats and food are Ringo’s favourite things. 

He hates having his beard trimmed, or his ear tufts tidied up, nor does he enjoy having his head washed before events!