Height: 15.1 inches

Breed: Cob

Age: 20 years old

Activities: Riding

Owner: Merionnydd Special Riding Group on permanent loan to Alys Lewis-Jones & Claire Howe

I am confident when I ride Sherri.  She does good walk and trot. She is calm and usually does what I ask her. Sherri knows me well and likes apples or carrots after a ride.


Horse Bio:

Sheri is a very special mare who was bought by the Meirionnydd RDA in 2012 from a private owner who worked at Northop College. Sheri competed in show jumping and dressage and was often used for BHS exams and training at Northop.

With Meirionnydd Group, Sheri quickly became a favourite with her riders and competed at RDA Dressage Regionals and Nationals on several occasions – some momentous occasions including coming 2nd in the costume dressage with one of her riders, Dominic, who rode to 007 music ‘diamonds are forever.’

She also competed in the countryside challenge at Hartpury and has given so much enjoyment to riders who appreciate her energy and enthusiasm for work.

In 2013 Sheri was passed off for RDA vaulting and has competed at Hartpury twice with Meirionnydd vaulters, coming first in 2019 with Mared in the individual routine.


In 2018 Calon RDA began hiring Sheri for vaulting taster sessions held at different groups around North Wales, allowing many more children and adults the chance to experience vaulting. Sheri never spooks and is a great confidence giver to new vaulters.


In 2019 Sheri semi-retired from RDA and went on loan from Meirionnydd RDA to Alys and Claire from Calon group – who care for her and keep her with the other Calon horses. Sheri still does light RDA work for Calon with children but due to her reaching the age of 20 she’s enjoying a well deserved semi-retirement and hacking with light riders to keep her fit and well. She’s great friend with Luna the Shetland mare who shares a stable with her at night.

Sheri has always been enthusiastic about work, and gained high marks for activity in her dressage tests- never a plod!


She has always enjoyed being groomed and having food of any variety and she disliked show jumping at trot (would much rather canter!) She is also very keen when out hacking,  but prefers to go much faster on the way home.

Gentle with children and always good natured when being groomed she is a  special horse who is much loved by all.